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Savannah New Boat Models

The Savannah Story

Savannah Boats was founded on a dream, born from the owners personal pursuit of his own perfect boat – a Hybrid fishing boat that could be a inshore and offshore fishing boat or family boat, crafted in every detail to match the boat he had envisioned for years. Now occupying a 20,000 square foot facility in North Carolina.

Savannah Ownership
Much of what we do is inspired by our families and as boaters ourselves, we understand, that versatility is key. Therefore, we created a hybrid boat that could be inshore & offshore, family or fishing, and affordable. Here at Savannah boats we like to say, “It’s not my boat, it’s not your boat, it’s OUR boat.”

Why you should choose a Savannah Boat?
Savannah boats are built better. Our vessel features state of the art materials with no wood, 100% composite hull construction & foam floatation. The V-hull entry and soft chines make for a smooth ride separating Savannah boats from its competition.